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The Water Damage Restoration Process: How The Professionals Do It

Water Damage Restoration Process In Calgary

Water damage and flood cleanup in Calgary can be a stressful experience. You may not know where to start or how to take care of the water that has flooded your home, office, or business. Don't worry!

This blog post is here to help. We will guide you through each step of our professional water mitigation process so that you are well informed on what it takes for successful flood cleanup and property restoration.

Have you ever been affected by water damage? We have all experienced some form of it at one point in time or another- whether from a leaky pipe under the sink, an overflowing toilet, or something more serious like a burst pipe leading into your basement. No matter what caused the event, it is important that you properly address the water damage to your property as soon as possible.

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Potential Causes Of Water Damage

It's important to know why water damage occurs before understanding how to prevent it.

Here are a few common causes of water damage:

- Burst Pipes

- Roof Leaks

- Appliance Malfunctions

- Overflowing Toilets or Sinks

- Water Heater Leaks or Malfunctions

The Professional Water Damage Restoration Process :

The first step in the water damage restoration process is to contact us. We can be reached 24/hrs a day at (403) 879-7034 or by submitting an online inquiry. It's important that you call as soon as possible because if your property has sustained any kind of flood damage or water damage, there is a high chance that mold has begun to grow.

If you have suffered from any of the previously mentioned events and your property has been flooded with water, then it's important not to touch anything and contact us as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage.

Assessment & Inspection

The first step in mitigating any type of flood or water damage is always our on-site assessment and inspection. We will come out and assess the situation for free, provide a detailed quote based on your specific needs, answer all of your questions, and schedule a time with you for the water removal to begin.

Water Mitigation

Once we have begun our water mitigation process, we will remove all of the standing water from your property using pumps if needed or trucks if indoors- this is determined by what caused the flooding in the first place.

The most common type of water damage is the result of a burst pipe. This can be caused by an old or faulty pipe, freezing temperatures in your home, improper installation- the list goes on and on.

When this kind of situation occurs it's important to remain calm and call us! We will dispatch one of our technicians as soon as possible so that we can get the water out of your home and repair any damage that occurred.

Drying & Humidity Reduction

Industrial Drying Equipment

After you have had all of the standing water removed from your property, we will take care of drying it out!

We will extract excess moisture using dehumidifiers and large industrial-strength fans. This process could take anywhere from a few days to a week depending on how bad the water damage is.

After your property has been dried out, it's time for flood cleanup! We will come and clean up any excess debris that was left behind during our water mitigation process- this could be anything from mud or sewage residue to standing stagnant pooling water. This process is very important because it will make your property safe to walk on and greatly reduce the number of bacteria in your home.

Flood Cleanup & Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration

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Finally, after the water damage restoration process has been completed we can begin rebuilding! This doesn't mean tearing up all of the drywall or replacing flooring- although this may be necessary depending on how bad the flood was.

We can rebuild by installing new drywall, floors, and repairing any damages that may have occurred in the process. After this, we can refinish and repaint any surfaces that need it.

Water damage is a stressful experience, but we're here to help you through the water mitigation process so that your property will be safe again soon- one step at a time. We hope this blog post has helped you understand what happens after a flood occurs!

If you are a homeowner or business owner in need of flood cleanup services, please give us a call at (403) 879-7034. We provide water damage restoration services and mold removal services to homeowners in Calgary and surrounding areas. If you're not from the area no worries- we will come out for free and assess your situation so that we can work with insurance companies on your behalf if need be.

Stay tuned for more blogs about water mitigation and flood cleanup- we will be going over topics such as our equipment, environmental laws, and the importance of proper flood restoration!